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[ri:demiŋ] 中文翻译过来叫里德-戴明。 美国人,出生在圣安东尼奥,在德克萨斯州中南部。

rainy days are passing by they always seem to go my way but in my heart i gotta fire the night even rain can't take away i'm feeling young i'm feeling dumb i'm feeling hopeful that i'm the one i can see it in the distance my he...

Mercy on me ——Reed Deming Black magic woman put a spell on my eye 黑女巫为我的眼睛施了魔咒 That body moving girl you got to be mine,all mine 那位起舞的女孩你是属于我的,必须是我的 Well I confess I’m not impressed with all the r...

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